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Application Procedures for a GMRS License

Application Procedures for a GMRS License

Obtaining a GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) license in the U.S. requires following specific application procedures set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Here’s a step-by-step guide based on the FCC’s requirements as of my last update in September 2021:

1. Create an FCC Account:

  • If you don’t already have an FCC Username Account, you’ll need to create one. Go to the FCC’s Universal Licensing System (ULS) and click on “Register” to start the process.
  • After registering, you’ll receive an FCC Registration Number (FRN). This number is required for all transactions with the FCC.

2. Log into ULS:

3. Apply for a GMRS License:

  • Once logged in, select “Apply for a New License.”
  • From the dropdown list, choose “ZA – General Mobile Radio (GMRS) Service” and proceed.

4. Complete the Application:

  • Follow the on-screen prompts and fill out the required fields.
  • You’ll be asked for information such as your name, address, and other relevant details. Ensure all information is accurate.

5. Pay the License Fee:

  • As of my last update, there’s a fee associated with obtaining a GMRS license. Make sure to review the current fees.
  • You can pay the fee online using a credit card or other payment methods the FCC accepts.

6. Review and Submit:

  • Before submitting, review all provided information for accuracy.
  • After submitting, you can check the status of your application via the ULS system.

7. License Term:

  • Once granted, a GMRS license is typically valid for ten years.

To summarize:

  1. Applicant must be 18+.
  2. Not a representative of any foreign government.
  3. No exam is required. A GMRS licensejust requires to complete FCC form 159 and form 605 and send the payment.
  4. The cost for the license is $70, and that’s good for 10 years. Soon it will be $35 for 10 years.
  5. Only available for individuals and their immediate family members (regardless of age). A company itself cannot have a GMRS license, at least not anymore.
  6. You would get a call sign within 24 working hour in the ULS instead of receiving a paper document.The FCC has gone completely paperless, so you can only apply for license online.
  7. Last but the most important: follow the rules set forth by the FCC.

Remember, a GMRS license covers not only the licensee but also immediate family members, allowing them to use GMRS frequencies under the same license.

Given that rules, regulations, and procedures may change over time, it’s always a good idea to check the FCC’s official website or other relevant resources for the most up-to-date information before applying.

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