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Xinlun’s sample brochure about duplexer

VHF UHF cavity duplexer

1. Xinlun’s duplexer

Xinlun VHF UHF cavity duplexer for ham radio base station. VHF/UHF (138-520 MHZ/380-960 MHz/698-960MHz) 75/50 ohm antenna duplexer with captive cables, RF & 6m/2m/70cm duplexer, low insertion loss, full bands or channelized.

2. About Xinlun Communications

Xinlun Communications is a professional & innovative manufacturer of UHF/VHF cavity duplexer and RF antenna duplexer in China, supporting the clients with ODM/OEM duplexer worldwide.

DescriptionSKUFrequency.RangeMinimum Spacing
High Power Wideband DuplexerXLD681171-51136~180 MHz4-15 MHz
Low Power Vhf Mini Band Reject DuplexerXLD681171-56136~180 MHz4-15 MHz
Low Power Jiesai DuplexerXLD681171-58400~520 MHz±400 KHz
Amateur Radio VHF Cavity DuplexerXLD681171-25136~180 MHz600 KHz
Vhf Ham Radio DuplexerXLD681171-97136~180 MHz600 KHz
Cavity Duplexer Vhf Uhf For Radio RepeaterXLD681171-24200~300 MHz1-15 MHz
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