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UHF Mobile Duplexer 380-400MHz, 406-440MHz, 480-512MHz

UHF Mobile Duplexer 380-400MHz, 406-440MHz, 480-512MHz


As Christmas approaches, we must deliver the products today. Due to an increasing number of parts suppliers ceasing production, our delivery cycle has become longer. Our American customers have been waiting for almost a month, and we sincerely apologize for the delay. However, we are pleased to announce that we quickly found a solution. Even with rising costs, our wholesale prices remain unaffected by this factor. In fact, our prices have always been largely unaffected by external factors. Our customers are primarily long-standing ones, with some collaborating for 1-2 years, 5-6 years, or even 10 years. They are crucial to us, and over the years, they have supported us and provided valuable advice, aiding us in continually improving our product craftsmanship. As Christmas approaches, we extend our blessings to everyone.

Below are the specifications required for custom

DescriptionDebug the frequency bandFactory RX frequency pointsFactory TX frequency points
UHF Mobile , 380-400MHz, BNC, 50W380-400387.5392.5
UHF Mobile Duplexer, 406-440MHz, BNC, 250W406-440420.5425.5
UHF Mobile Duplexer, 406-440MHz, N-Female, 250W406-440420.5425.5
UHF Mobile Duplexer, 440-480MHz,BNC, 250W440-480457.5462.5
UHF Mobile Duplexer, 480-512MHz,BNC, 250W480-512493.5498.5
UHF Mobile Duplexer, 480-512MHz,N-Female, 250W480-512493.5498.5

This order is mainly for production a batch UHF frequency RF Mobile Duplexer, the frequency is mainly in 380-400MHz, 406-440MHz, 480-512MHz. The product is aluminum wall structure with conductive anodic oxidation process, sllver plated technology, anti-aging test.

Product appearance


About UHF mobile duplexer

A UHF mobile duplexer is a device used in radio communication systems, particularly in mobile radio systems. The purpose of a duplexer is to enable a single to be used for both transmitting and receiving signals on a specific frequency band. This is crucial in mobile communication, where space and weight constraints make it impractical to use separate antennas for transmission and reception.

tuning UHF mobile duplexer
UHF mobile duplexers

The frequency range of a UHF mobile duplexer is typically within the UHF band, which spans from 300 MHz to 3 GHz. The specific frequency range of a duplexer depends on the UHF band it is designed for. In mobile communication, UHF frequencies are commonly used for two-way radio communication, such as in public safety radios, business radios, amateur radio, and other wireless communication systems.

The duplexer ensures that the transmitter and receiver can operate simultaneously without interfering with each other. It achieves this by allowing signals in the transmit band to pass from the transmitter to the antenna while blocking or attenuating signals from the receiver in the same band. Conversely, it allows signals in the receive band to pass from the antenna to the receiver while blocking or attenuating signals from the transmitter in that band.

Product frequency compliance test chart

ham radio duplexer filter

Anyway, a UHF mobile duplexer facilitates efficient two-way communication on UHF frequencies by enabling the sharing of a single antenna for both transmission and reception while preventing interference between the two. If you need Duplexers,Filters,Switching Units,Combiners And Rf Power Amplifier Modules & Coaxial Cables & Connectors & Antennas, maybe we can help you, We have been supplying continuously for 10 years.

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